Great Service

Great Service

Modern Agents was great from day 1 to settlement. Feedback and knowledge of the industry is excellent. If you are thinking of selling, make sure you contact Tanya, average is NOT an option for her. Fantastic service, great results and selling using a modern method of sale.

- Mr and Mrs Sims

Highly Recommend

I went from renting my property myself to needing a professional, dedicated, trustworthy, reliable and easy to work with Agent.
Tanya fits all those criteria. She has an eye for detail in a friendly way. She quickly leased the property to good tenants at my desired rental price. I am extremely satisfied and would highly recommend her services.

- Mr R
West Croydon

Dear Paul, Julie, Tanya & Team Anderson Staff

I would like to say that dealing with Team Anderson with the sale of our home was an absolute breeze, from get-go when I made contact with Paul, there was a sense of engagement that made me comfortable, such a contrast to the stereotypical stress of trusting agents etc, your team is genuine, flexible, compassionate, informative, but above all you also produce the results, if myself, family or friends are ever in the market for buying/selling up your way I will not hesitate to pass your details on and allow them to experience the fantastic Customer Service I experienced first hand, I wish you all the best from a professional but also a personal level, you are a fantastic business filled by fantastic people. You all should be very proud to be part of such a successful business over the many years in practice.

Definitely keep in contact.

Thanks & Kind Regards

- Jason W


When we decided to form our own real estate agency, we made the very smart decision to align ourselves with Damien and Tanya Page at Modern Agents. They have a very unique business structure that is exactly what we were looking for. We have our own company with our own branding and logo etc, but with the backing of an experienced company that takes care of all our administration, software, trust account and more. This means that a lot of the stress of running our own business is gone and leaves us free to do our best for our clients. They are always available to us if we need them and genuinely care.

Our experience with Modern Agents has been nothing but positive. They are committed to building the best team of agents within the Modern Agents brand and we are definitely in good hands.

We now have our own successful company, Steele Realty, with the support and friendship of Damien and Tanya. They are true professionals with many years of experience, and their knowledge, encouragement and willing assistance has been absolutely invaluable to us.

If you’re thinking of starting your own real estate agency, please feel free to call us if you would like to have a chat about our experience with Modern Agents. You really will be amazed what they can do for you.

- Murray & Chloe, Steele Realty

Thank you from South Africa

We , Rob and Jen Stapylton-Smith , have had a very pleasant experience dealing with Damien Page of Modern agents. Damien has been efficiently supported by Tanya also of Modern Agents and as a team they have been a pleasure to deal with , with seamless transactions. What has been out of the ordinary is that we have had to manage the sales of our properties from South Africa , but again , Damien and Tanya have made this process as if they have been dealing with someone next door. They have put us in touch with efficient conveyancers and advised us with banking issues. We can highly recommend Damien and Tanya Page of Modern Agents.

- Rob Stapylton-Smith


Who would have thought starting your own agency/brand could be so easy. Here at Meagan Read Property we sure know we made the right decision, and funnily enough wondering why we didn’t make the leap sooner. Modern Agents have made the transition smooth sailing. Their unique concept is unlike any others we have come across. Tanya and Damien take the stresses out of running your own agency. They take care of all the admin side, offer their valued advice and will go above and beyond to help where they can. The best part is you are your own standalone brand, with your own colours, name and logo. Only you get full support and help whenever needed.

Meagan Read Property has only been a part of the Modern Agents Team for 2 months however it feels like we have always been a part of this great team. We have made great friends who are all like-minded, being part of a supportive network of people who we can share experiences and offer advice with. Tanya and Damien truly have a very unique business and we are very grateful for all they have done for us and our business this far.

If you are thinking of making the leap and starting your own agency you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Tanya and Damien, it isn’t until you meet the pair that you really start to understand what their business strategy and support can do for your new business. You will be glad you did.

Meagan Read Property cannot wait to see what the future brings. We have had great success to date. Being partnered with Modern Agents is like one big happy family.

- Meagan Read Property

A Message From Team Anderson

If you’re thinking of starting your own agency, then you should stop looking because Modern Agents are the answer. Their business model is unique and allows agents to do what they do best, and that is list and sell. They take care of all the administration side and provide you all the tools you need to do your job. The main reason we got attracted to Modern Agents was the fact that you can brand yourself and still be a part of the bigger organisation.

From day one, Damien and Tanya, have been fully supportive of Team Anderson. You are dealing with experienced agents who have been sales agents, property managers and principals of multiple office franchises. You still feel like part of a big family where like-minded positive agents can share information. Damien and Tanya have encouraged us to have a joint brand where our logo and Modern Agents logo sit side by side to reflect Team Anderson brand and also the bigger brand of Modern Agents. This is only part of their unique business model. They help you set up multiple streams of income from referrals and property management that no other real estate model provides. Team Anderson is grateful for the day we had that first cup of coffee with Damien and Tanya and had never regretted the move since. They took a genuine interest in our needs and how we wanted our agency to be set up. They also took the time to tutor us with their extensive real estate knowledge. Damien and Tanya have an aura of Professionalism that I found unmatched.

Having said all of the above, we would highly recommend Modern Agents as key to a great outcome for any agent considering a move to their own brand but still want the big brand support and advice.

- Team Anderson

Thank You Modern Agents

We simply cant thank Damien and the team at Modern Agents enough for helping us secure our new home. Attempting to move interstate is daunting enough, without the added stresses of trying to find the right property, and understand the new market we were buying in.

From the first moment we engaged Modern Agents to act on our behalf we we’re thrilled with Damien’s efforts in visiting many properties both with and without us, and giving his honest feedback on the properties and their place in the market. Most importably, Damien was a wealth of knowledge on the local market which proved to be absolutely vital in us feeling comfortable with our new home and purchasing in the area. I write this as I sit in my fabulous new house that we hope to call home for many years to come. If we do however decide to find a new residence, Modern Agents will be the first call we make.

Thanks again to Damien & Tanya.

- Stuart & Sharon