Damien Page

About me

Approaching 20 years in the industry Damien has seen many changes in the industry and a huge amount of agents come and go.  Having negotiated nearly 1000 deals there are very few scenarios he hasn’t conquered.
If your selling, your most important decision is your agent.  Inexperienced agents often price incorrectly and this usually results in a lower sale price and often a poor experience for the seller.  Damien will take the time to understand your property, who the likely buyers are, what your realistic and optimistic price expectations should be and then tailors a marketing plan to suit your needs.
 “Luckily Modern Agents, unlike many big companies, doesn’t have an agenda with marketing and the profile created from your marketing investment, they allow me to be focused on obtaining the best price with minimum spend”
Damien explains.  “ many companies are more interested in getting the listing and using the owners money to promote themselves in the market with little thought to the impact it may have on the owner and the price achieved” .
His love of the negotiation extends further for his clients.  Damien utilises his extensive negotiation skills to not only achieve top dollar for his seller but also as a buyer’s agent ensuring his clients secure their next property at a great price.  “I like being involved in the whole process, why would you leave a client to negotiate their own deal on their next home when that’s what I do for a living”.  Damien offers all buyer services from simple advice to full sourcing, analysing suitability, purchasing, attending building and pest, valuations and everything in between. Call to discuss your requirements.
If you’re thinking of buying or selling contact Damien to assist you, he’ll be only too happy to help.