Tanya Page

About me

All real estate professionals have a success story… and I must admit, I love reading them. From the Rookie to the Established Professional, the Property Managers, Receptionists, Administrators, Marketers and the Business Owners.
Well my story combines all of the above.  Over 17 years ago, I made a decision to follow my dream.  I was already a mother of a young son and knew it would be hard to balance being a great mother, partner and successful real estate agent, however I made it happen.
I was a rookie who soon learned that being in real estate wasn’t about flash cars and standing at the front door handing out glossy brochures.  It was putting in over 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, building relationships, cold calling, door knocking and being rejected.  However, when I realised real estate was all about people, the penny dropped. I am lucky to have a vibrant, understanding, professional nature that doesn’t like NOT to succeed, that I became one of the best within my field.
I studied, I observed, I learned, I listened, and in no time I was on my path to being a successful agent. I have listed and sold a lot of property in my time, but my passion was and still is, assisting other people to succeed.
I became a successful business owner of 2 large franchises and built the company with my life partner to over 7 offices and we trained some top performers within the industry.  I have always remained grounded and through this time not only listed and sold real estate, we run a successful business and added another 2 beautiful boys to our family.  Kids on hips, ear to the telephone, fingers on the keyboard, I continued to power on.
The industry has seen so many changes, however the culture remains the same for a lot.  My life partner, the ideas man I call him, has been working on this theory for years and there are a few companies who try, but just don’t deliver.
Modern Agents was formed as choice, a reward for agents and business owners alike to be able to run their own business without the overheads and burden of owning and running their own business.  Whilst we consider franchises are great training grounds and boutique and independent agencies have measured success they have risk vs reward and having done both, we are dedicated to supplying a blend.
We understand that your success is important to our success and our objective is to trim the excesses, fine tune the process and allow the freedom for you to operate in your market in the most productive way.
Whilst there is no set blue print, we are fluid enough to cater to your needs and assist in delivering what you need to continue your success.  We have implemented modern technologies and minimised our expenses to create a cloud based business model, designed for agents to enjoy the wealth created through the sacrifices made.
We have models that offer up to 100% commission and can cater for early professionals through to well established professionals.  You’re already doing the hard work, why don’t you start enjoying the rewards.
Change happens every day and we anticipate our business will be constantly changing and evolving.  Often the hardest part of change is acting on the decision to change.
If you’re ready to be a modern agent, we’re ready for you.
If you would like to know more about becoming a modern agent or you may know someone, then email me now at [email protected] or call me on 0412 610 683.