About Modern Agents

We help agents create their own brand and facilitate the business running process. If you’re thinking of starting your own agency we are the obvious choice.

Our agents are our clients and we ensure we deliver the best possible service to them so they can deliver the best possible service to the public.

Developed by owners Damien and Tanya who have endured a highly successful journey in all aspects of real estate. Having been highly awarded in all aspects of real estate including, agents, young business owners, franchised office owners (6 offices at our peak), boutique office owners, contractors, and operation managers in property management for a large company, you can be sure the foundation on which the business is built is strong.

The industry has changed, not so much in the way houses are sold but in the way agents are able to conduct their business. Agents have more time to be face to face with clients and less and less need to go into an office. Independent agencies are popping up everywhere and for many the additional workload and distraction of opening a business is counter productive to what agents do best. Sell property.

Moderns Agents is a vehicle to the financial benefits of business ownership without the extra work burden and all of our clients are encouraged to personally brand themselves.

Culture is at the fore-front of the business as evidenced by the current clients and clients getting ready to join. Our business goals are more for quality of agent rather than quantity of agents, so if you are looking to open your own business contact us anytime to discuss how we can help. We supply you with the freedom and flexibility to develop your business whilst offering the best tools the industry has available to enable you to operate in the most efficient manner for your business, your market and your clients.

Sellers rest assured, if you are contacting one of our agents you are contacting an agent dedicated to delivering a high standard of service.

Change is easy if you are ready for it. We are…… are you?